How Do You Make Oatcakes?


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Oatcakes are easy to make, have simple ingredients, and apart from being delicious and healthy, offer an option for anyone who wants to avoid wheat. Manufactured oatcakes often contain some wheat. Increasingly, people appear to be developing intolerances to certain foods and wheat s one of the main categories.
To make oatcakes first take a cup of oatmeal. Porridge oats is good to use as it adds texture to the mix. Mix in a bowl with a dessert spoon of melted fat like lard, or butter. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Carefully add a little water to bind the mix and roll out thinly. Cut into four and transfer the segments using a spatula to a hot skillet or heavy frying pan. Cook for seven or eight minutes on one side before turning. cook the reverse side for two minutes. During the cooking the points may turn up. Don't worry about this. It adds to the home-made look.
Let them cool and enjoy with cheese or your favourite topping.

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