How Can I Make Keema Naan?


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Keema Naan
1. keem (beef ½ Kg boon less)
2. Onion
3. tomato
4. Red chili powder
5. Green chili
6. Black pepper
7. (white floor) ½ kg
8. Baking powder half tea spoon it is batter if used yeast instead of baking powder
9. Milk half tea cup
10. water
11. salt
12. Gee

1. boil the keema with onion by adding salt
2. When the keema boiled then fry it with red chili and tomato by adding oil and little bit water. When it is fried then spread black pepper and green pepper on it for taste.
3. Now take a white floor add half cup of milk and water and yeast or baking powder in it and mix them as thick as it is able to make a naan.
4. now take a 100 gram wheat and shape it into naan and now spread over keema and take another 100 gram wheat also add some gee and cover the ( keema bhari roti )
5. there are two option fry the naan or baked it in thandor
Now serve it with yogurt and chatni

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