How Do You Make Instant Pudding?


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2 cups of cold milk
1 bag of instant pudding
mix with a whisk for 2mins
then serve.
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Instant puddings are widely available in various retail outlets in their various flavours. The recipe or procedure is either mentioned on the back of the carton or there is a leaflet inside. You can also make instant pudding at home with the following method. This is a recipe for instant vanilla flavoured pudding. You will need three cups of milk powder, four cups of fine sugar, a teaspoon of salt, three cups of cornstarch, a quarter tablespoon of nutmeg and a quarter tablespoon vanilla extract. The last ingredient; i.e. Vanilla, is only required at the time of actually preparing the pudding. The rest of the ingredients have to be mixed well and kept aside in some sort of air tight container.    Now whenever you want pudding all you have to do is mix around one cup of mix to four cups of fresh milk and cook them together. Do not forget to add the vanilla though and cool the preparation before serving.
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In an instant and from a packet.

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