What's A New Recipe For Cubed Steak?


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Season cube steak with salt and pepper. Heat about two tablespoons of oil in skillet. Dredge steak in flour and brown on both sides. Remove from skillet. Pour off oil saving about one table spoon and about two to three tablespoons of flour to oil and brown lightly in skillet. Once flour is browned, pour about a cup or cup and a half of water in skillet and let come to a boil. Add steaks back to skillet and simmer on low heat for about 20 to thirty minutes. Note: I normally add chopped onions with the flour and saute until soft and then add water and steaks. Makes a nice thick gravy.
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Cubed Steak is a very delicious dish. Special care has to be taken for preparing the steak as the whole dish depends on it. Although you have not mentioned which recipe you use normally, Here is the recipe for Cubed Steak with gravy. I love making it and hope that you will like it too:Cubed Steak
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I love using cubed steak in stir fry. It's delicious. Just cook up any veggies you want with it, add some olive oil( not much) and salt and pepper and you have a delicious meal in minutes.
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Make some fajitas with cheese (The one you like to melt), green pepper, onion and tomatoes, fried all together, add salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce . Warm tortillas and make your tacos....mmmmm..Enjoy them
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The other night I threw some bacon in the frypan and put the cube steak on top. Seasoned it w/Montreal steak seasoning and sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese on top... It was good and the bacon added the fat needed for cooking w/o additional butter.
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This site will give you all kinds of ideas for steaks and cubed steaks . I hope you like . Www.steaks-guide.com/article-pages/recipes/beef_cube_steak_recipes.htm

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