What Foods Taste Better Made At Home Than From A Store?


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I have always preferred a home cooked meal or goodie much more than anything store bought. Store bought is okay when your in hurry, but not if your able to make it yourself, better.
For instance...who really prefers the taste of a Burger King burger over a juicy, thick one grilled to perfection at home ? Not me...that's 4 sure.
But lasagne made with all that low fat, sawdust stuff ? NEVER !!!
If your going to make & eat lasagne...make it with whole milk cheeses & everything else REAL in it. I've found when I tried making it with part skim stuff, it did not have the same great flavor or texture of the real stuff. I'll never make it like that again. I would be hog-tied & feathered if I ever did that again !!
And baking is always better at home. My kids wanted a home baked birthday cake every single year, over a store bought. It's always fresher & more tender than anything the best bakery makes.
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walter jedyk answered
Hamburgers, and fries.
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Mark Brookshire answered
Cheesecake taste much better when it is home-made.
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Ray Dart answered
I agree with everything that has gone before. But here in England I make gooseberry crumbles and pies. Everyone likes them - they are impossible to buy.

So... Oddly -   fruit pies and things also taste better.
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Joan answered
Bread, any kind: White, sour dough, pumpernickel, sweet rolls, corn bread, any type of dough product (including pie crust) is better than anything you can purchase at a store.
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sweet salonee answered
Homemade food are the best.... I love mom's aloo ke parathe...try it...u'll too love it... Store's food tastes gud for sure but it can never replce the taste of mamma's homemade dishes full of love!!!
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Allie Hallowell answered
Well it depends. If you want a healthy meal. Than i would have either a caeser salad with some homemade garlic brea. YUM!!! Don't forget dessert! Try a fruit salad or carrot cake. Homemade of course! Homemade is always good. But if your in for a little bit more on the non healthy side then make burgers and fries. Sweet potato and/or regular potato. Don't forget to add lot of your favorite seasoning. And if you want dessert more than carrot cake try a new recipe. Called cookie brownies. Very, very delicious. So you make a batch a cookies and poke holes through them more like a donut, but don't make the hole all the way through. About halfway. Then make some brownies. But can you can make them at the same time so either does not get cold. Then shape the brownie into circler form (sphere) and stuff into cookie of your choice. Then add a little more cookie on top of the brownie so inside the cookie lies a brownie. Cook it again for 5 minutes. But remember don't overcook it or it will burn then it will taste like shi- crap. So that should be helpful. For dinner anyways. Have fun with it all.   Luv Allie
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Lots of things...like..no one makes taco salad as good as Mom..at restaurants the lettuce is always old or dried up, the sour cream isnt the right brand, and wheres the green onions??home-made goodies like veggie soup, pot roast, sloppy-joe...where can you find canned, store-bought, or restaurant food as good as MOM's?? ^_^
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Annie Devore answered
I Been Cooking Since I Was 10 And Home Cooked Is Cheaper And Better For You Because You Decide   What Goes Into The Recipe. Like Salt Content.. Sugar Content..   Cholesterol Content..   There Is So Much Salt And Sugars In Store Bought Foods ..There Is Sugar In Ketchup For Gosh Sakes. Look At The Sodium In Canned Soups And Like   Marie Callender Meals.. Jackyl I Have Had Pierogis ..Kielbasa Because My Grandma Made These Kinds Of Things When We Went To Her House Also Poppy Seed Bread.. What Is Cop Cakes? Are You Serious? I Make My Lasagna With Ground Turkey   And Skim Mozzarella And Crushed Tomatoes
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Charice Miller answered
For me, home made food is better. But sometimes it's nice to eat out, although some store food tastes like cardboard.. Lol!
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John answered
Since i don't cook, all food tastes better when made at home by someone else. Ha! Especially mom and my sister.
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Anything made by mother tastes better than from a store, for example she makes cake, which no store or company can provide.
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Thank you for your question. For me, I like home made food which was made by my mom
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I like home made food because you always know whats in ther ethe ingriedent and stuff like that but you never know what the store did to that food.
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Hmm it depends but for me i think nomatter how nice the food is from a store it is always better at home.
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William Harkin answered
When i left school,my first job was an apprentice baker and, i still bake, now and again.
Without a doubt,bread,pasties,scones,pastries and,particulary in Scotland,bridie's,and, potato scones.Are far better home baked,than store bought.Well i think so anyway.lol

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