I Am Looking For A Pattern For A Traffic Light Cake. Any Ideas?


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I've been trying to find decoration ideas etc and drawn a blank so far. Hopefully someone may still see your question who has a recipe, but you probably don't have much time. So you could have a look here - under "Stop Signs and Picks" (right hand side) you will find little plastic decorations like road signs and traffic lights - not what you are looking for I know, but the site is full of ideas related to vehicles etc and you might find something that appeals to your son? Otherwise maybe make an ordinary cake with icing/frosting in red/orange/yellow, or even a pattern of 3 circles in those colours if you are able to do that.

Hope it goes well
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You can take a rectangle shape mould or if not you can bake the cake and the cut it into a rectangle shape n then for the icing you can make a make normal icing and then add black food colour like that make normal icing n add red,green, n orange or yellow colour try this you may succeed all the best

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