Do You Have Any Ideas For A Rock Climbing Cake?


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A rock climbing cake is easy and fun to make. You can make it by the following process. Make two 9x12 cakes using the simple cake making procedure. Make one chocolate and the other yellow. Make a mountain scene with it by putting one as the base of the view. The base has to be tan colored frosting which you can buy ready-made from the store. Use the other 9x12 cake to build pieces of mountain by cutting it and putting it on the base. Use dowels in order to attach the pieces to the base and keep them steady. Color the mountain gray and tan color. Add green frosting for grass On one side of the base of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain which is the cliff side, make an ocean (You can represent the ocean by candy with some food color. You would need a candy thermometer, 1cup sugar, 1/2 cup. Light corn syrup, 1/4 cup water bring these ingredients to 295 degrees and then add the coloring, allow to cool slightly and then pour the slightly cooled and thick sugar onto a nonstick foil. It would harden as it cools and will look shiny and impressive as a lake/ocean). You can also make little rock climbers by using store-bought colored rolled fondant. Attach their waists to the top of the mountain by using licorice strings. Decorate the cake with chocolate rocks that you can also buy at a store.
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I never heard of this cake, but sounds really great. I would like to request you to please share recipe of the above cake. I can just make out that the cake will be of chocolate flavor. Looking for your reply.

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You should think about using Chocolate Rocks like what is here They would work great on the top of a cake.

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