What Is Corned Beef Made Of?


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Corned beef is made from a cut of meat known as the "brisket" which comes from the shoulder part of the animal.

The way it works is the closer to the chest the meat comes from - the tougher. The chuck and the brisket come from the shoulder part of the beef - the chuck being the "top" cut and the brisket the "bottom" cut.

The way you usually get it in your local supermarket is packed in a seasoned brine mixture which varies from producer to producer, then sealed in a heavy plastic bag which is then vacuum sealed.

Cooking directions also vary from company to company - or from chef to chef - but the method is pretty much the same.  You put the piece of meat in a big pot with the brine and the little packet of extra spices, add enough water to cover everything, and let it boil.  After about an hour, turn the heat down to a medium simmer and let it go  until you can "stick a fork in it" without any resistance.  Once you can do that, turn the heat down to a slow simmer and let it go about another 1/2 hour.  Don't worry, you can't really overcook it.  It's a very tough cut of meat, and requires a very long cooking time and a rather high cooking temperature.  You can cook potatoes, carrots, and of course cabbage right in the cooking liquid in that same pot during the last 1/2 hour of cooking.  Do the potatoes and carrots first.  When they are done to your liking, add the cabbage.  Leave the cabbage in large chunks.  Don't slice it, and don't peel the leaves off.  Cabbage takes just a few minutes to cook.  As soon as you see the cabbage turn a beautiful bright green, it's done.    

Your patience will be rewarded with one of the most delicious meals you will ever have.

I hope this helped.

Good luck on Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day)

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Beef and corn
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No it is not horse, it comes from a beef brisket.
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Corned is when beef brisket is soaked in salted water with spices. The key to what meat it is made of , is what it is called, corned "beef". It is not called corned "horse".
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It is just beef placed in a bucket with a lot of salt.

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