How Many Pounds Of Hamburger Do I Need To Serve 60 People Sloppy Joe's?


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Making Sloppy Joes for a big crowd of 60 people requires lots of ingredients, including hamburger, hamburger buns, sauce and spices. This all-American savory treat is a popular choice at cafeterias, summer camp dining halls, and outdoor picnics. Since all the ingredients for a classic Sloppy Joe can be cooked in one huge pot, it’s easy to organize a feed for a large group. If you’re planning to cook Sloppy Joes for 60 people, you should buy 30 pounds of lean ground beef. This quantity of hamburger will allow you to serve each person a two-pound portion. Some people (such as children) will not actually consume that much, so you’ll have a bit in reserve to sate plus-sizes appetites.

Typically, Sloppy Joes will be prepared by browning ground beef along with chopped onions, green peppers, catsup, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. You may need to cook the ground beef first and drain off any excess fat and fluid - this will ensure that your Sloppy Joes aren’t too greasy or watery. Once you’ve drained the liquid and grease away, you can add spices and extras to get that distinctive Sloppy Joe taste. You’ll also need a couple of hamburger buns per person (that means 120 buns for a crowd of 60 people). 

Serving your Sloppy Joes should be easy - paper or plastic plates will work, but this sort of tableware should be sturdy enough to support weighty portions. Some fun side dishes for Sloppy Joes might include cold salads and cole slaws, French fries, or potato salads. In general, look for balance when you create a whole meal - a light side dish will be the perfect complement to a big, meaty Sloppy Joe. If anyone has room for dessert, consider another all-American favorite - apple pie adorned with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream. Lemonade or soda will complete a meal straight out of a 1950’s beach cookout or diner.
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Approx. 30 pounds should do the trick. Here's a take it or leave it tip about sloppy joes' After you fry the burger rinse it with very hot water,it removes excess grease and makes your sloppy joe a bit less sloppy
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About 10-15
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