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Intellectual skills have been linked to critical thinking and are thought to be the core element of this procedure. They include:

• Analysis

• Interpretation

• Explanation

• Evaluation

• Meta-cognition

It is accepted that anybody who is involved with a critical thinking process will come to conclusions based on a number of things such as gaining evidence through making observations; looking at things in context; recognizing relevant criteria and using it to make a good judgment; applying techniques or methods to enable judgment to be made; and applying theoretical constructs so that a question or problem can be understood.

It is also accepted that as well as being in possession of good critical thinking skills, having intellectual skills as well means that someone must be able to be logical whilst at the same time apply that logic broadly and clearly in order to encompass accuracy, credibility, relevance, depth, breadth, precision, fairness and significance.

Critical thinking is a process whereby problems can be recognized in the first instance so that methods of resolving them can be employed. The importance of prioritizing is understood as is the order of precedence. The process involves gathering relevant information and being able to interpret information and data so that evaluations can be made and generalizations and conclusions can also be come to, after which these can be put to the test. Critical thinking also demands that previous beliefs, judgments and decisions are not set in stone and that they can be adjusted as evidence and experience dictate.

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