What Is Cream Of Wheat And How Is It Made?


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Cream of wheat is an easy to prepare, hot breakfast cereal. Although oatmeal is often more popular within Anglo-Saxon countries, many continental Europeans still consume it for breakfast.

The best way to prepare cream of wheat is to use at least 2% milk and sugar, rather than salt and water, which is often recommended in North American recipes. This way the cereal becomes much more creamy and filling.

Start by boiling half a litre of 2% milk in a pot. Slowly pour in the wheat hearts and keep stirring regularly. It is also a good idea to add two tablespoons of white sugar at this time. Keep stirring the cream of wheat until it thickens. Remember, however, not to let the cream of wheat stand for too long as it will thicken on its own. Once it is ready, it can be poured onto a plate.

Cream of wheat is excellent with powdered chocolate sprinkled on top. Some people also eat it with strawberry or raspberry jam, or with fruit.
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Do a rain dance and hope that the rainbow serpant will rain down on your wheat, flooding it, then you have to chop a chickens head off and leave it in the flooded wheat feild for 3 days, once that is done. Ring the wheat into a bowl, adding milk and sugar and that will give you your cream of wheat, good luck

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