What are the ingredients in cody's roadhouse salad dressing?


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The ingredients for this type of salad dressing are a secret, but its recipe should contain milk products, such as sour cream, as well as garlic powder spices, diced scallions, and yogurt. A basic ranch dressing, which you can find on any recipe index website, such as, will provide you with the basics. However, Cody's may tweak their ranch dressing recipe with some exciting and top-secret add-ons to make it more special and unforgettable.

  • Play with ingredients

Ingredients you may want to consider adding in order to mimic the taste of Cody's Roadhouse Ranch Salad Dressing might include chili flakes and lemon juice. Experiment with spices and amounts until you have a pretty good approximation of the authentic Cody's taste. To create fab ranch dressing that is yours alone, add bacon bits or shredded, freshly-fried pork or turkey bacon, and throw in a little fresh guacamole (which is made with avocado, garlic and lemon). To get a spicier effect, add a splash of Tabasco or Louisiana hot sauce, and dice in some red or green peppers. Salt and pepper are also basic spices that improve the taste of almost any type of ranch salad dressing.

  • Serve it up

To enjoy a ranch salad dressing, such as a facsimile of Cody's Roadhouse Ranch Salad Dressing, add it to a traditional Cobb salad made with gourmet and Iceberg lettuces, fresh tomatoes, sliced, hard-boiled eggs, and bacon strips. Another fun idea is a warm potato salad that can be tossed with cool ranch dressing (always refrigerate these types of salad dressings), diced green onions, and chopped, hard-boiled eggs. To make it fancier, serve your warm potato salad over wilted or steamed baby spinach, or plate it with a bit of arugula lettuce.

Everyone wants the secret of Cody's Roadhouse Ranch Salad Dressing, but only restaurant staff is privy to the actual recipe, and they aren't allowed to tell!

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