What Would You Suggest As A Good Substitute For Mustard In Recipes?


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  • What ingredients can I use as a substitute for mustard?

If you want a substitute for mustard that still has the spicy sharpness of mustard then you could try horseradish. It can produce a very similar taste but without using mustard.

It depends what you are putting the mustard on, but if it is a sandwich or a burger or something similar, there are a huge variety of sauces you could use as a substitute. Ketchup, mayonnaise, thousand island dressing, brown sauce, pickle, salad cream, chutney and Worcestershire sauce are all delicious.

  • Thickening agents

If you are looking for a sauce that works as a thickening agent in your cooking you could try things such as roux. Roux is half flour and half fat or butter and works as a thickener when the food you are cooking is brought to the boil.

Liason is another great thickener and is a mixture of cream and eggs and other thickeners such as 'White Wash' are often used to thicken up dishes by mixed in flour and water.

Corn starch has very strong thickening capabilities as do lentils. Depending on the dish you are creating, lentils can be great as they also add some tasty flavor.
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 Worcestershire sauce works...try mixing it with catchup and it makes a steak sauce...if it is for like sandwiches I like sandwich spread(like a thousand Island dressing)instead of mustard or even a french dressing or dorthys salad dressing and mayo together...good on fish and with potatoe chips and with pizza rolls or catchup and mayo together.
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Try cocktail sauce instead of mustard.  It has the acid and creamy blend that mimick mustard with a slightly different flavor.  The best news: You don't have to create a new sauce, just use it as a straight substitution.

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