How To Make Pizza?


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Mix the flour and salt into the integration bowl. Blend the fresh yeast with the warm water and add to the dry ingredients with the oil. If using dried yeast, dissolve the sugar in the warm water and sprinkle in the dried yeast. Leave to rest in a tepid place for as regards 10 minutes until frothy, and then add to the flour as above.

Mix to a rough dough in the basin. Turn the currency out on to a clean working surface and massage for about 5 minutes or until the dough is firm and elastic. Shape into a ball, position in basin and leave in a balmy place until doubled in bulk. Turn the rise dough out on to a floured functioning surface and press firmly with the knuckles to blow out the air. Divide the dough into four pieces. Shape every one into a ball and roll away from home each to an 8- inch (20 cm) circle.

Place every circle of dough on to a greased boiling sheet. Brush the dough with olive oil and cover with a coating of tomato sauce and grated cheese Season with pepper and dust with oregano. Decorate each one with the topping of your choice. Use salami, cooked minced meat, black olives, sliced bell pepper, fried onions and mushrooms. Set the set pizza aside in a tepid place for about 15-20 minutes previous to sweltering. Bake the pizza in a preheated scorching oven (425 F., 220C) for 15 to 20 minutes. Cut in wedges and hand out warm.
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1. cakes skins material (8 inch PIZZA plate): The dry yeast 2 grams (2/3 small spoon), the lukewarm water 90 milliliters (90 grams), center the muscle bread flour 150 grams sugars 1/2 big spoon salt 1/4 small spoon, the olive oil 10 grams (may use the salad oil to replace; Also may act according to likes, using 15 grams butter to replace)

2. warm water-soluble to the yeast, stirs evenly, with the bread flour, the sugar, the salt mixes synthesis 面团, again rubs the time the olive oil which 面团 (just started to refuel not good rubs, one has been able good to rub. But makes PIZZA the cheek not to have the bread that to be fastidious, as soon as starts on advances the oil also may)

3. to refuel rubs good 面团, covers maintains freshness the membrane one side, puts ferments. Also may put the microwave oven, again puts cup of boiling water to go in, produces the steam and the moisture, helps to ferment (PIZZA cake skin request not that to be only strict one side, needed to ferment degree according to oneself feeling in the mouth assurance to be allowed)

4. 面团 to put fermented, started to prepare the PIZZA juice and other materials. These are the PIZZA juice material: Onion 1/4, the garlic 3 petals (onion and garlic may act according to likes suitably fluctuating), the olive oil 8 grams (may use butter or salad oil replace), the tomato sauce 2 big spoons water 3 big spoons (attention oh, tomato sauce and ketchup are not identical thing!) The sugar 1/2 big spoon salt 1/8 small spoon black pepper 1/4 small spoon common origanum leaf (the PIZZA grass) 1/2 small spoon (not does not add, added flavor

5. onions garlic to mince quite well) (quite chops garrulous to be good)

6. woks to heat up, puts in the olive oil, will mince the onion, the garlic put in, fries (color to start fragrant to change yellow); The tomato sauce, the water, the sugar, the salt, the black pepper, the PIZZA grass completely joins, treats, Guan Huoji becomes the PIZZA juice (in order to convenient, the partner is except the onion, outside garlic's material all gives beforehand mixes up, the time which adds one and has joined, so as to avoid is flurried, heh heh... ... This is PIZZA juice

7. these which prepares for is the material which on the PIZZA cake skin must add cuts the silk a horse Soviet lira cheese (80 grams), 红椒 the silk, the ham silk, the sweet corn grain (oneself likes any adding any, how many also own grasp, these are comparison at will)

8. 面团 takes out, perfectly round, puts on the PIZZA plate to relax 10 minutes

9. to wait 面团 to relax completes, pushes with the hand pushes, until will get up advances suffuses the PIZZ plate, will become a cake. On slightly pays attention to, for pushes nearby to get up. Above grips the hole with the toothpick.

10. PIZZA juice wipes to the surface cake on, the edge does not wipe. After wipes, the shop some cheese silk, about the almost 10-15 gram were good. (On picture has only spread some, but also has not spread)

11. preparations materials besides the cheese silk which is left over, completely spreads to the cake skin on. The cake skin edge brushes egg fluid

12. ovens preheating 200 PIZZA to enter in the oven the lower level, 200, about the fire 15 minutes take out, the surplus cheese silk will spread out, enters the oven, again about 5 minutes, the cheese silk will fall, then will put out.
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Making it from scratch is too complicated, especially if you lead a rather busy life. Why not just order your own takeout Italian pizza?

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