How Was Baking Introduced In The Philippine?


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According to historians, baking in the Philippines was the brainchild of A. Natividad Uy, who was world-renowned for his amazing creativity with regard to baked goods. This enthusiastic aficionado of baking had Chinese-Filipino heritage, and he began to grow grains in the Philippines, so that he could create the baked masterpieces he has learned to make while apprenticing with Roman bakers.

Baking Tips For Modern Bakers

• Today, television provides incredible resources to new and intermediate bakers. Networks, such as Food TV, often show programs about cupcakes, decorative cakes, and other baked goods. These shows are beautifully produced, with excellent camera work and professional scripts, and they show step-by-step instructions regarding how to create wonderful baked goods for everyday or special occasions. Often, these networks and programs also feature corresponding websites that have exact recipes for the foods featured on specific episodes. Food TV, or another great baking show or network, can provide instant inspiration and plenty of great ideas to modern bakers of almost any skill level.

• Local cooking classes that offer baking instruction are also excellent ways to learn more. Check the listings for culinary schools and sign up for a fun course with a friend, or alone.

Baking is a wonderful pastime and it can make for some delightful treats to share with friends and loved ones. In the Philippines, family is very special and important, and baked goods may be prepared to honor special occasions, such as birthdays or other holidays.

Baking doesn't have to be sugary - there are many savory ways to create special recipes. For example, artisan breads with cheese, nuts and olives baked right in can be tasty, hearty choices for at-home baking. To mix sweet tastes with savory tastes, consider adding cranberries, lemon rind, cloves, and cinnamon to a rich, earthy wheaten bread.
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