How Baking Start In The Philippines?


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Baking started in the Philippines through the influence of China and the Chinese people. They are the ones which took the initial baking ideas and thoughts with them when they went to the area spreading word of what is new and what they can use to improve their standard of living. This has adapted over time and now there are more and more baking methods which are being used in the Philippines to ensure that their food remains tasty and that they are able to carry on certain traditions.

You can imagine what it must have been like to have been introduced to baking for the time which will have improved their food and their cooking immensely. Once the first Chinese person had introduce baking within the area, the Philippines took it upon themselves to find different ways in which they could bake and produce meals and food that they loved and which was going to satisfy their family and friends.

As there are only certain foods within the area - such as rice - you an imagine that it was very boring before baking came along and make sure that they could have all of the tasty meals that they wanted and that they weren't going to be disappointed with the new cooking style that they had.

There is much more information on the internet with regards to the different baking styles which are used within the area and how they have adapted over time. It is going to depend on how much depth you are going to want to go into and how detailed you want your research to be. There are many basic baking recipes which are available, and the more complex ones which are stilled used to day and are adapted all of the time.
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The one who had umm introduced baking into the philippines was this man name Aquaver Natividad Uy  yeah I know werid name

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