What Food Place Do You Like?


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Pizza huts
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My favorite is a Mexican restaurant that originated in Houston. The name is Ninfa's and this is the BEST Mexican that u will EVER place in ur mouth. The tortillas are hand-made and they have free chips and salsa and they also serve these carrots that have been sliced and put in vinegar with red peppers and onions. Absolutely terrific.
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Fire and Ice
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Olive Garden is a favorite.
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These are the best place where I had best Indian Food:-

Gujjus Cafe & Chaat House: Gujjus is famous for Indo Chinese Food, Indian restaurant Footscray, Melbourne. There is much kind of thalis available in Indian restaurants such as the Punjabi thali, Rajasthani thali, South Indian thali and Gujarati thali. They give very good services to their customers.

Jai Ho Indian Restaurant: Jai Ho is one of the best Indian restaurant Melbourne where you can get authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist.Jai Ho Indian Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant located in many Melbourne suburbs, including Indian Restaurant in Hoppers Crossing, Hawthorn, Collingwood, and Richmond.

Dosa Hut: Dosa Hut, the best Indian restaurant Melbourne, The specialty of Dosa Hut is Dosa and Biryani. Dosa Hut serves the authentic Indian cuisine, and it is rated as the best south Indian restaurant in Melbourne. They provide the best dosa in Melbourne and best biryani in Melbourne. They also have many branches in Melbourne such as Indian restaurant Footscray, Indian restaurant Harris Park, Indian restaurant in Southbank.

Indian Burrp: Indian Burrp give you real Indian taste in Melbourne, Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. They have various types of Indian food in Melbourne. They serve good quality of food, provides one of the best Indian food in Melbourne.

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When I eat out, I prefer to get food I can't/won't cook at home, so I go for Lasagna or Chili Relleno.

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