Do You Like Mexican Food Or Chinese Food?


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Nicole Hayes Profile
Nicole Hayes answered
I like both, but Chinese is my favorite.
Lola Michelle Profile
Lola Michelle answered
I like mexican, but at times chinese food is okay.
lady gig Profile
lady gig answered
Both r really good
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Mexican food. Especially chile rellenos, pork tamales, and horchata.
Annabella Claire Profile
Both. When my Fiancee' and I go out for dinner, we always have either mexican or Chinese. He likes the chinese for the buffets.Lol! I have a favorite Mexican restaurant thats about 45 miles from home, but we go there at least 2 or 3 times per month.
Cindy Jang Profile
Cindy Jang answered

Chinese cuisine is known for its true colors, exquisite flavors, perfect
ingredients and beautiful presentation.

Shrimps with Cashews

dish is the very famous all across the globe. As compared to other
cuisines, it is relatively light and rich in nutrients. Not to forget
the tastiness of the food because of which it has become as the prime
choice of many people.

dish is prepared with fried shrimp and cashews. These are the main
ingredients which helps keep the heart healthy and prevent
individuals from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

We do not have many Mexican restaurants around, but that’s mostly because the
country itself is pretty far from us and it hence has little influence on the
area. However, we do have a decent Chinese community and their cuisine has even
been adopted by all other ethnic groups. I love professionally cooked Asian
food in general!

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