How Many Different Types Of Food Are Their In The World?


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It is impossible to put a number on the different types of food that there are available in the world. The food sources that are available naturally are only a start to the other types of foods that can be created by combining and modifying them. The best way to classify the types of food that can be found are by their natural source; either from plants or from animals.

There are many plants and plant parts that can be eaten as food. Across the world there are approximately 2,000 plant species that are cultivated by humans for food. Vegetables are some of the most common types of plant matter that eaten as food. This will include root vegetables (such as potatoes and onions), leaf vegetables (lettuce and spinach), stem vegetables (asparagus and bamboo shoots) and inflorescence vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower). Fruits are a significant part of the human diet and are a natural plant food source. They are the ripened ovaries of plants and have evolved to contain seeds that will be eaten by animals and excreted elsewhere. There is some debate over the classification of some fruits, such as tomatoes and pumpkins, as they are most commonly eaten as vegetables. Seeds are also a plant part that are available to humans and animals as a food source. As they contain the nutrients necessary for plants to grow they are a good source of healthy fats.

While plants play an important role in human food consumption, animals are also used as a source of food. Animals can be used as food either directly or indirectly via the products that they produce. For example, a cow can be used as a food source directly by eating its meat, while the milk it produces is an indirect food source from the animal. Indirect animal food sources can also include eggs laid by birds and honey produced by bees.
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The different food types are...
Carbohydrate- gives energy
Protein- helps growth and repair
Water- keeps you hydrated
Vitamins- needed to stop diseases
Mineral-good for fluid balance
Fibre- helps digestion
Fats- Create energy
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Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are the six main types of food.

Carbohydrates are present mainly in sugary and starchy foods such as fruits, jam, bread, cakes, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. One gram of carbohydrates yields approximately 17kJ of energy. In plants, carbohydrates are stored as starch in their storage organs, example potato. In animals, the main carbohydrate food reserve is glycogen.

Fats are also called lipids. Food containing fats include butter, cooking oil, meat etc. One gram of fat can produce 38kJ of energy. This a very important food group for both animals and plants as the amount of energy generated in more than any other food. Fat is stored as fatty tissue under the skin of animals and acts as an energy reserve and insulation against loss of heat.

Proteins can be found mainly in meat, fish, eggs and lentils. This food group is needed by animals and plants for growth and repair of damaged tissue. Proteins yield around 17kJ of energy per gram. Proteins are broken up to chemicals called amino acids. Ten essential amino acids are needed by humans. Proteins from animal sources such as meat and fish contain all 10 essential amino acids.

Vitamins and minerals have no energy value but are essential for growth and health.
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Diary, fat, fruit, vegetables, proteins, breads and grains
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There are about 2trillon different type of food in the world because there are 7 content's that each have there own country`s like the U.S. Is part of North America. And it has 50 states and different amount of people. Just think about the other 6 content's How many states does have and how many people do each state live in.
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Food from Animals
FAts and Oils
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Its how many contries we have in this world (go ahead you can count. There are too many. Like mexican, italian, indian, chinese, american. Filipino foods (visayan delicacies, illonggo, pampangeño, ilocano, davaoeño), Lebanese, Mexican..anything vegetarian... Non-vegetarian, sea foods, cappuncino in uk....
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The different types of food in this world has to be infinite. After all, one man's delicacy is another man's poison.
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You never know how many types of food are in the world.Some can even be getting invented now but there is a lot.The awnser in no one knows sorry but you just can't find out the awnser

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