What Food Do The People In Desert Eat?


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Deserts are well known for being hot and often dry places, and it can be difficult for plants to grow in sand and with little water.

There are still many foods eaten in the desert, but each desert or region of the world produces, grows or rears different types of food, so the food eaten will depend on the location. This is a quick overview of what kinds of food can be eaten in desert climates:

  • Meat as food
Despite the rougher conditions, it is still possible for animals to be reared in the desert to be used for their meat and other products such as milk. Some species of goat are found in the desert, where they can be used for their milk and meat.

Similarly, camels can produce milk and can also provide tasty meat, although their ability to go for long periods of time without water and carry heavy loads is also very useful. Even lizards can be a good source of nutrients for humans and it is not uncommon for some reptiles to be eaten as a part of a desert diet.

  • Vegetables and plants as food
Even though deserts are synonymous with a lack of water, many types of plant can grow in the desert and provide food for human life. For example palm trees can grow easily in desert conditions and some palm trees produce fruit called the date palm.

When ripe, date palms are sweet tasting fruits that are very nutritious. Many cacti and other plants found in the desert are edible and are a great source of water as well as vitamins that can sustain the body in the desert.
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People in the desert eat snakes and they herd animals to eat.
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People in deserts eat vegetables,  fruits, plants etc. For eg; cactus. They also eat meat. For e.g.; lizard, rattle snake etc.

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