How Do You Cut Asparagus?


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There are many recipes which call for the asparagus to be cut. The spears (asparagus are shaped like spears) should be cut at a diagonal in pieces that are only between one and two inches long. This technique of cutting will expose the most flesh and help to ensure that the dish in which cut asparagus is used is cooked evenly. Asparagus is a delicate vegetable. It is not necessary even to use a knife to cut this delicate vegetable.

While harvesting asparagus, the asparagus spears must be cut an inch or two below the level of the soil. At least half the length of a spear should be above the ground. The spear must never be cut within a distance of two inches from the crown in order to avoid damaging the buds which are developing. If they are cut above the ground, the stubs will remain below the ground and you will only end up cutting half a spear of asparagus. The harvest must be discontinued when the diameter of each spear becomes less than 3/8th of an inch.

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