How Do You Cut Onions Without Tears?


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This may sound silly but a long time ago i see a lady on a old cooking show use matches! She took 2 matches and put them in each corner of her mouth (not lit) when cutting the onions. It works try it!!
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Crystal Gray-Varga
put a piece of white bread in your mouth and hold it there till it dissolves then add another piece it works
Chuck F
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when I was in the restaurant industry, I was always told to cut them next to running water. It worked for me. So next time you cut some onions, try doing it next to the sink with some water running
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Thanks i was gonna ask the ame question!!!
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I agree with the matches not lit but what i would suggest is a tea spoon it'll do the same sort of puts a funny smile on ya face but it does work honest
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Yes, after peeling off the outer skin of the onion dip them into water for sometime and then cut onions by taking directly from the water, you will not have tears from your eyes.

Happy Cooking.
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I've heard that if you cut the root end first, it's less. I've also heard that if you run the cold faucet it won't cause the tears.
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Employ a kitchen helper and delegate such chores. But remember to have true empathy from across the kitchen!
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I love onions too, but cutting them has always made my eyes tear and burn. There is a way to eliminate this. Cut an onion that has been soaked in cold water for about 20 minutes. Then use a very sharp knife to prevent too much onion juice from leaking out permeating the air. Onions release an enzyme called aliases, which later convert to sulfinic acid. These sulfinic acids are very unstable once they hit the air. This is what causes tearing and eye pain. But a cold onion cut with a super sharp knife in a well ventilated room can eliminate the tears. This is the best remedy I've found for stopping tears from the coveted and delicious sliced onion.
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Alton Brown said cut the onion by the stove with a burner lit, it helps eat the obnoxious 'fumes' up. Also use the sharpest knife you have to help stop some of the 'fumes' from escaping. Cleaner cuts less damage to the cells.
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I've heard that if you cut onions while chewing fresh gums your tears will stop. I have never tried it but good luck!
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Rather than worry about all of that, why don't you just buy the onions already chopped and bagged in the produce section of the market? They don't cost very much and if you are planning on chopping lots of onions, this would be the best bet.
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Just cut one side of the onion, and put it on your head...yes on your head, the tears will stop!

Good Luck! :)
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One day I was chewing bubble gum while I was cutting an onion, and I did not "cry" ! I think this would be a good idea o try.
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Hello you can also try putting them in ice water. I used to work for subway and that's what we used to do, it really works.
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Try cutting the onion with the top up rather than across the center while running it under water. It works for me.
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Using a chopper or food processor works wonders. If not, I rinse the onion under cold water while cutting.
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Looks like there are several ways to do this. I have always put a match in my mouth. This does a couple things. 1)the sulfer helps keep the tears from coming on and 2) you keep your mouth closed so your not breathing in as much of the fumes
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I saw somewhere that if you chew gum while cutting them you won't cry
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An idea happened to jump into my brain just now...

You can wear a sealed glasses then the onion cannot effect you.

After that you can cut it whenever you want .
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Pamela Krueger
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You mean like skiing goggles?? LOL pictureing myself cutting onions in my kitchen with friends here for dinner while wearing these goggles!
XiMing Gu
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Yea,it's funny and your friends are gonna LOL. It's a pleasure!
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Refrigeration! Keep an onion in the fridge, so when you need it, it is ready to go...NO tears! Also, side benefit of a longer shelf life.
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Here's a foolproof idea, put your whole onion in the freezer for 15 minutes before cutting. Guess what, no tears! Try it.
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Wear contact lenses to shield eye surface from airborne spray.
I don't wear contacts so I can't say firsthand, but they don't cover the whole eye surface (leaving it partially exposed) and don't do anything for the nose.

Keep the outer skin on the onion as long as possible.
This is an attempt to contain the onion in some part to reduce the surface exposed to the air. The reduction in onion mist is minimal at best since all that sliced onion flesh is exposed to the air.
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Like one answer said the tears are caused by the sulfur compounds in the onion. Chilling the onion will help, however just like on a match sulfur burns if you light a candle close to the onion (on the cutting board) it takes most of the tears away. The shorter your candle is and the closer the flame the better.
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Hi lovelyme,

I've heard that putting your onions in the freezer for 10 minutes before chopping will help.

What you must remember however, is that the water and fumes emitted by the onion you are so diligently chopping (or trying to without losing a finger!) are simply a protective mechanism. Yes, there is self preservation in the plant world too!

Personally, since I now have trouble standing to chop anything (because of the M.S.), I buy the dried chopped onions in a bottle (the brand name is Tones) which work just as well as the real thing, are much more convenient and they're quicker too!!

Have a great day and good luck with your onion chopping!!!
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I usually peel the onions off and chop them into 2 big parts and put them in the refrigerator for a night. It doesn't make me cry at all, even when they are minced. Personally, I dont like putting onions in the water cuz that makes my onions wet.
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Soaking the onion in very cold water for about twenty minutes always worked for me.
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First cut the onions into two halves and leave it for a while than you have tears in your eyes.(2) cut them in bowl full of water(3)It is an grandma's saying that put bud of the onion on your head and cut you won't tear
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Try blowing on the onion as you slice through it. It disperses the fumes as you go. Alternatively keep your cutting board beside a fan.
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Nolan Ashman
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This is similar to my suggestion. Place a fan so that it blows across the onion and away from your face. A small fan will do and a vent fan above your range will work if you hold the onion above your head. Awkward, but tearless.
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I've read that you should soak the onions in water for about 20 minutes....I'm too impatient and rarely plan that early!  So I've started rinsing the onions after cutting them in half and it has helped so much!

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