Why Are Oats So Good For You ?


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Oats are very good because they contain a good deal of soluble fibre and have a low glycaemic index content. The soluble fibre is helpful because not only does it help us feel full, but soluble fibre can also reduce cholesterol.
The low glycaemic index content is also helpful because when we feel full from the fibre in oats, this feeling is retained for longer becasue they do not give off a quick burst of energy, but burn slowly, helping us to feel full for longer ! This can be of great benefit to people who need to control their blood sugar levels in a way which is constant, rather than erratic.
Oats as a hebral tonic are also said to be a good tonic for the nervous system and help to calm and soothe an anxious mind.
The easiest way to eat oats is either through porridge or oat based breakfast cereals.
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There is NOTHING low-glycemic about oats. There no such thing as a low-glycemic grain & oats have the distinction of being the highest glycemic-load of all the grains.They are also a highly inflammatory food. Some speculate that the reason serum cholesterol goes down when oats are eaten is because cholesterol is the body's anti-inflammatory- and the excessive inflammation from oats make the body use more of the cholesterol to soothe that inflammation. Looks good on paper but isn't good overall.
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Oats are not good for you at all. Stay away from them and "whole grain" bread, and corn.

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