What Are The Therapeutic Properties Of Oats?


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Oats are one of the most valuable staple foods; there is no refined version of oats, so their natural nutritional benefits are retained. Oats are a rich source of linoleic acid and also provide B vitamins, vitamin E, protein and soluble fiber.

Oats help to reduce blood cholesterol. Studies have shown people on a low fat diet if consume 35-45grams of oatmeal a day show a 14% cut in bad LDL-type cholesterol after 8 weeks.
Oats have a traditional reputation for helping the nerves. In a study withdrawal symptoms in 26 former heavy smokers were eased more by oat extract than by a placebo.

Oats is known to stabilize blood sugar levels. It slows the absorption of carbohydrate into the bloodstream. This leads to smaller rises and falls in blood sugar, helping some diabetics
Oats is considered as good news for people suffering from celiac disease (those who must avoid all gluten). Studies have shown that these people can safely eat oats, suggesting that most celiacs can include oats in their diet.

Oats helps to ease constipation as it consists of soluble fiber.
But it should be remembered that oat bran is high in phytic acid which limits the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc from other foods.

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