What Are The Therapeutic Properties Of Chilli Pepper?


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Chiles come in wide range of flavours and they need not dominate food but can be used to subtly, to deepen flavour. There are a lot of health benefits associated with chili pepper. Some of them are briefly highlighted below.

Discourages blood clots and stimulates circulation- strokes and some heart attacks are precipitated by the formation of blood clot, which can block an oxygen carrying blood vessel. Eating hot chillies regularly stimulates circulation and may help prevent blood clots.

Clears airways congested due to coughs and colds- eating hot chillies causes sweating and make the eyes water and the nose run. The warming, stimulant action of chillies increases mucus flow and helps clear congestion in the airways, which eases coughs and cold.

Aid to digestion- chillies can increase gastric acid which help ensure that there is enough acid to kill most bacteria in food and enable efficient digestion.

Relieves pain for some people- chillies have a numbing effect on pain, which is not yet understood.

Temporarily raises calorie-burning rate- eating less than 1 teaspoon (3g) of chilli sauce with a meal raised the rate of calories used in volunteers by an average 25% for some hours.

But it should be noted that heavy use of chillies raises the risk of stomach cancer.

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