What Is The Average Food Type Liked By People In The Whole World?


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Probably pizza, pasta, rice, and bread.
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The whole world is a big place!!!!   They say the most popular dish for Enland is the curry;  however I would say rice is the most common demoniator for the whole world.    I am sure it is easy to say pizza, takeaway chinese, pop etc but ask the people in a 3rd world country and Im sure they would disagree!!!!
If you want to know my favourite food for survey purposes they are:
Chicken curry with rice and peas
Pizza with chilli hot beef, fresh chillis and pineapple
Sunday Roast Beef Dinner!
Chilli Con Carne
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Many people like

  • fries
  • burger (chicken and veges-burger)
  • Pizza
  • Chick Roast
  • Steaks.
  • Rice.
  • Hot Dogs etc.
With fizzy drinks like Pepsi, Coca Cola, 7up and so on.

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My favorite food is Hawaiian pizza and fried green tomatoes. I LOVE fried green tomatoes i have been eating them since i was a little girl. I also love chinese food
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The most edible ,easily digestible and acceptable food thought is the
Rice wheat bajra and egg come under this category....

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