What Type Of Food Do Germans Eat?


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Just like everyone else, there are some foods that are delicacies that they eat, but for the most part, the world is populated with food from all over the world.
Pork, beef and poultry,
trout, pike, carp, herring, mackerel, sardine, salmon, tuna
potatoes, asparagus, also white asparagus,
noodles, spaetzl, dumplings, and more foods that you would eat just like Americans do, and other people around the world.
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I know that it's their own idea to create hotdog. But the name of their meal is catworst. It means cats sausage. The bread, sausage and ketchup are one of their favourite meals. But it was too uncomfortable to eat all these separately so they created CATWORST. 
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Breakfast, like a full breakfast, will be usually, bread with cheese, deli meats, maralades. Cream cheese, and then on the side there might be cottage cheese, or if its just something quick, some cereal... It also differs by region, some people have Weisswurst and Brezeln for breakfast..

Lunch, a lot of times Germans don't eat at home, but when they do, it varies a lot from each person's preference... I usually have had for lunch, Italian styled pasta, mauttaschen (Swabian specialty) served either in a soup or pan cooked with other things, or some kind of sausage and bread. Again, you might not have some of the things I listed where you are going.

Dinner is for most. A lighter meal. The 'typical' dinner would be again, bread, meats, cheese, salad, and a variety of things in addition. But sometimes we grill, and have steak, sausages, and with bread, salad, ect.

Generally, traditional German food is mostly a variety of bread, then the meats are usually preserved, and cheese. Veggies come in salads or are boiled.

Cooking Italian style is pretty popular with people who don't like traditional German food that much. But its hard to tell how your hosts cook.

Now, the timetable for eating is a bit different than what you might be used to, we usually eat breakfast whenever we get up, so if its a workday. Pretty early, but on weekends, it gets a bit irregular, we don't "fruehstueck" until noon because everyone sleeps in, so there is no real mittagsessen. Dinner usually comes much later at about 8-9pm, which means there might be room for a snack outside in the late afternoon. So if you REALLY can't put up with your host's cooking, then maybe have something to eat beforehand and not have to eat too much and still not be hungry.

Typically though, as long as you try it, they probably won't be offended. Just try what you can, and even if it doesn't look all that great, try it! If you don't like it, well, hey we all have different tastes, right? There's not much to lose, and you might discover something you like!
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Cottage cheese for breakfast usually and for dinner they do not eat at home.
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I just returned from vacation where German food was served- lots of fried chicken, sauerbraten, ham or pork chops, weinerschnitzel, mashed or fried potatoes, veggies, dumplings, spaetzl noodles and homemade breads, butter and jellies.  And home made pies for dessert!

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