Where Did Tabasco Sauce Originate?


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Tabasco sauce has its roots in Avery Island in Louisiana in the USA. It was the invention of Edmund Mclleny. He originally prepared the spicy sauce for his family but later started producing it for commercial purposes. Mcllhenny was a banker by profession. During the American Civil War he has completely ruined and thus began marketing this sauce for an alternate income, based on suggestions from his family and friends. He grew his first commercial batch of Tabasco peppers in 1868 and sold his first Tabasco sauce in 1869.

Tabasco Sauce is a pungent peppery sauce prepared from Tabasco peppers. It is kept in white oak barrels for three years before it is sold for a mature favor. Its name id adapted from Tabasco the state in Mexico although both its founder and its company are American.

Mcllhenny acquired patent letters for his sauce in 1870. Thereafter he packed the sauce in two ounce bottles. These bottles had a diamond logo label which is very similar to the present Tabasco labels.

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