Do they still make Tabasco sauce? (The original one) If so, what store sells it?


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I saw Tabasco ketchup and a Tabasco marinade but they were "closing out."

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I've never used it, but I would think it's still around.

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I see it in all our local markets, including Walmart.  I've seen it by the ethnic foods and by the bottled sauces, like steak sauce.  If you don't know what aisle to check, just ask an employee. 

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Lynda Appell
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Yes original Tabasco sauce is still here BTW They make Jalopeno sauce as well as the original Tabasco. I know because I use their Jalopeno sauce. Its quite spicy but not as much as their original Tabasco.
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Hi Lynda. 👋👋 Welcome back!
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try this Indian recipe :- Butter Chicken
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I found it at See this may help you.

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Straight Edge Society
Lol yep i see .I bought over 48 rolls last month . Lmao!!!
Yin And Yang
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Here is one of my stories for you..... (sorry, it has to be in two parts. It says its too long for a comment.)
“The Suicidal Mac and Cheese”
It is no secret in the Yin and Yang household that Yin is not much of a cook. Yang likes to say that the flies pitch IN to buy us a screen door and that Yin’s meat loaf glows in the dark…. Which is funny since I have never attempted to cook a meat loaf! Anyways, there is one particular cooking experience which is very peculiar to me. I really tried not to think about it over the years because it use to creep me out and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it with my own two eyes. But recently it has become very funny to me considering my culinary stories! It all started one very hot summer day in our first apartment. Yang was at work over the road. I had made some mac and cheese for lunch for our four year old daughter. I also had a glass ice tea container that I used very rarely because the button on the spout was hard to push even for me. I only brought that out every once in a blue moon cuz I like the flavor of the ice tea in a glass container. This day happened to be a blue moon kind of day. I sealed the left over mac and cheese and put it in the fridge so we could attempt to eat it the next day, maybe bake it in the oven or something. The next morning I opened my fridge to see a very shocking thing…..
Yin And Yang
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My mac and cheese was marinating in the tea! How? I do not know. It was just me and my young daughter who definitely could not press the button on the spout! I kind of screamed to myself, said “demon mac and cheese!” and quickly threw it down the garbage disposal! I did not speak of this crazy moment again. I could not phantom how the tea got out of the very hard to push button tea jar into a closed container of mac and cheese! 16 years have passed and I could never figure out the answer till one day recently….. Yin had been telling stories of her “wonderful” cooking and asking questions about recipes so she could hopefully improve her skills. Then the opportunity came along to tell of a ghost story and for some reason I decided to let this ghostly story out of the bag. A friend of mine began laughing and said “Yin! You told me your cooking was bad, but your macaroni and cheese is trying to drown itself in your ice tea? You know it’s bad if your own food is jumping ship!” There we go….. I finally had my answer to my question after all this time….. Yin’s cooking is so bad even her mac and cheese attempts suicide to get away from her!!!! LOL!

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