If I Normally Use 1 3/4 Lbs Beef Suet, How Can I Convert That Into Using Crisco?


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You must be talking of Christmas pudding, not plum pudding. I have never heard of any traditional plum pudding made with lard.

The equivalents would be + 2 Tablespoons per cup of suet called for. Crisco is essentially vegetable suet (vegetable shortening). You can freeze it and crumble using a coarse grate. But be advised, I cannot imagine using 1 and 3/4 lbs for Christmas pudding unless this is an industrial sized Christmas pudding! Are you sure this isn't cups the receipe calls for? That seems like a lot of lard/fat for one pudding.

I'm not sure if your substitution is for cholesterol purposes or because people assume in the US that beef suet cannot be easily obtained (probably because it is infrequently used)- but if it's because of this reason, one can actually go to almost any grocery butcher and request beef suet.
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Hi there - my recipe calls for 1.5lbs of shredded beef suet - this is to make three 1lb puddings! I moved to Canada from UK last year, & have had trouble finding suet - Sobey's promised it week after week & Zehrs didn't know what it was. Thank goodness, the butcher in Alliston, Ontario - I asked, he knew & came back with pure suet, he ground it for me too, then wasn't even going to charge me for it - I bought some meats from him instead & hope this is the start of a lovely friendship. :)

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