What Is Bread?


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Haha, no, seriously, 'bread' is a pretty broad topic (I work at a bakery, so I'd know...). There are leaven breads (they have yeast in them), and soda breads or quick breads (which don't use yeast and instead use baking soda or another means to rise), and those are just two categories. Under each one is a whole bunch of different kinds of breads.

Basically, though, bread in and of itself is composed of some sort of grain or grain substitute ground down into a fine powder and combined with other ingredients, both dry and liquid, then either left to rise or baked straight away. It is usually round or shaped into a rectangular loaf, however, some breads are flat and others are shaped uniquely based on cultural or culinary reasons. It has a crust, which varies in thickness and hardness, and an inside that is often softer than the crust but in some cases is equally hard. Some bread is very dense, but other bread can be full of air pockets.

Bread is a staple food in most cultures worldwide; that is to say it's something that everyone eats and depends on the availability of to feel secure.

Hope that helps. :)
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Bread is that eatable thing aka a loaf, the bits at the end the kneel or whatever is used for a hat, its traditional too
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Bread is something you eat, made from wheat and flour

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