What Is The Nutrient In Bread?


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Bread you bet fats
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How about looking at the websites of the bread bakers you know about? They all show the nutrient contents of all their breads. Generally breads contain some few nutrients. But it is easy to do research by going to the search engines and typing in the names of bread bakers. You get the names from the loaves you see wrapped on the supermarket shelves. On those loaves themselves should (in the USA) label Nutrition Information. If you are able to find this, read it carefully and you will see what nutrition is in the bread that the label is describing. Not all breads are created equal.
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Most breads do not have many nutrients in them because they have been processed by manufacturers to last on the shelf a long time for sales. Most have vitamins calcium,niacin,iron,folic acid,riboflavin,thiamine.sodium,sugar,carbs, and fiber. And are usually more harmful to the human body than real unprocessed whole grain breads with no additives.
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You'd have an excellent report if you would *do* research comparing various breads. Compare cornbread to ryebread to wholewheat and to white Wonderbread. Compare the nutritional value of cornbread made with blue corn to that made with white corn or yellow corn. There*are* differences.

Whole grain breads have more vitamins and minerals than unfortified breads made with bleached flour.

Bread made with milk has more calcium. Butter can add essential fatty acids.

The lesser breads supply carbohydrates and not much else. It's a mistake to consider really good bread to be no more than "just carbs".
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Different breads have different nutritions. White and Whole Grain breads are the most popular one. White bread is baked with grind grains and water. The whole grain bread has additional ingredient  yeast. Now todays' white bread has so many new additions like milk, sugar, artificial taste etc. For your research details, click this link

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