How To Improve Nutrient Absorption?


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For this purpose we first need to change are eating habits. Digestive juices flow more freely if we eat only when hungry, relaxed and attracted by the look and smell of food. Always choose foods which help in digestion, such as artichokes, chili pepper, fennel, watercress, celery, parsley and bitter salad greens
Food rich in fat content is a common cause for sluggish digestion. They make the digestive system work harder because fat must be broken down into tiny molecules before they can be absorbed.
Eating food rich in insoluble fiber and digestion resistant starch such as whole-wheat bread shorten the transit time of the food and so reduce our exposure to harmful substances
Iron absorption from plants is improved by eating food rich in vitamin C but also avoid eating large amounts of calcium at the same meal. Zinc and iron from plant and dairy foods are better absorbed if some meat or fish is also present in the meal.
Calcium adsorption is best stimulated by weight bearing exercise and needs adequate vitamin D supplied by the sun on the skin or by oily fish.
Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics as they damage friendly microflora which produce some B vitamins and vitamin K.
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Your question seems to be incomplete. It should be followed by a list of four or more alternatives, and then it would be possible to choose the most likely one. Could you ask your question again, adding the four alternative answers, and then someone will probably be able to help you answer it. There are too many possible answers otherwise.

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