Can You Give Me A Carbohydrate Food List?


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I am a diabetic, I need a list of foods that have carbs. This is a new thing for me to do. I just got on the insulin pump and I have to count carbs.  So if any one can help me, please email me. Thank you!!! Cheryl hardin
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Starch and sugar are rich in carbohydrates. All foods that are prepared with the ingredients of sugar, grains, flour, corn, potato and starchy vegetables have carbohydrates. Some processed foods are also rich in carbohydrates. Moreover, food containing proteins also have low amount of carbohydrates like meat and eggs, several vegetables, some of the low sugar fruits like strawberries, soy beans, as well as dairy products.

For getting the specific list of the foods containing carbohydrates with amount click on the link: List

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