If You Were A Fruit What Would You Be? And Could You Please Specify Why?


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Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
If I was a fruit I would be a coconut which grew on a coconut tree on a deserted Island. I would have fun watching the seagulls and crabs and ocean and I would stay happily in my tree forever. I would be a coconut because they grow in such beautiful but uninhabited places, and nobody would ever eat me.
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Anonymous answered
If I were a fruit I would be a water melon quenching people's thirst in summer.
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I would be a strawberry because they're sweet but sometimes a little sour and they go great with chocolate.
Breezi Stevenson Profile
I like strawberries they remind me of summer. And I would like to be one, I suppose if I were a fruit. Or a watermelon, friendly and thirst quenching. And I also love pomegranates, the fruit of love. I love love.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
If I was a fruit I would be an apple because they are healthy for people.
Susan Hedrick Profile
Susan Hedrick answered
I would be an apple also. Because it is crisp, sweet, generally liked by all, healthy & keeps the doctor away. I also love that most are shiny & red which is my favorite color.
R Maye Profile
R Maye answered
I would definitely be orange, bright, thick skinned, from the Sunshine State, but juicy and refreshing on the inside.
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
If I were a fruit, I prefer to be a coconut. It gives one both meat and water. It's very refreshing and good for body cleansing. It's a perennial fruit so there's no specific season to wait.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I would be a tomato ! You can fix them many ways. ( and yes a tomato is a fruit )
mika linn Profile
mika linn answered
A pineapple... Full of the flavour of a tropical summers day, prickly and hard to get close to on the outside but once cut open, sweet and delicious on the inside.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
If I were a fruit...I would  be a banana..why? Banana is good for the health which is high on potassium and it is good for eyesight in affordable price , always available and people were remember me always during their meal
Kk polly Profile
Kk polly answered

Can I be a fruit kebab? Fruit smoothie? It's so hard to chose favorite. :(  maybe banana even though cantaloupes and grapes taste the best

Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
I would be a bright, crisp and sweet apple. Apples are our friends, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away..
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I would be a orange because no one likes the outside but everyone likes the inside :D
Cait Penn Profile
Cait Penn answered
Like previous posters, I would be a mango... Sweet, juicy, and soft with flesh as bright and cheery as the summer sun.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I I were a fruit I would be a green apple because my favorite color is green....and green apple is good for our health...
kyla sanchez Profile
kyla sanchez answered
There is a lot of fruits I would be there is no spasific one but I will tell you all of them I would be a apple because they are good for you and they taste good and they are grown on trees witch means there fresh.. I would be a mango because people like mangos personally I like them myself and they are freshly grown...I would also be a strawberry because they taste very good and are good for you....there are other fruits I would like to be but these are my top three....
whittney clark Profile
whittney clark answered
I would be a plum cause I love plums there good just like in school today this boy showed me three plums dry plums EWWWW!

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