Is It Possible To Live Just On Fruit?


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Oh yes. You can go on a fruit diet. As substitute for rice or bread, you can eat tubers, like sweet potato, yams, and the like. You may also have bananas designed for cooking or boiling with water only. You have to diverse your fruit selections though for a balance diet. Potatoes are also good source of carbohydrates. Don't forget to have papayas in your list. If you're lucky to have a good supply of coconuts, then you can have them everyday as your side dish.
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People who live on fruit report that even tho the scientific establishment offer the B12 shortcoming they themselves feel better than they even did as children, with no noticeable deficiency in anything. An important aspect of fruitarianism is the part salt plays in food selection. If you just don't use salt or saltiness then you will find that the foods you find tasty are quite different. For example, a potato.. which is not a fruit ... isn't all that attractive without some kind of seasoning. The flavour of the food in its raw, natural state should guide us as to what it is we as an organism naturally will eat. All other animals do this, we are the only animals who alter the flavour, digestibility and checkability of our food by heating or flavouring it with a metal (salt). For example, its barely possible to cut raw chicken with a knife, a human's teeth wouldn't get through a drumstick of raw chicken flesh, but cooking softens and breaks it, salt provides a magnetic electric carpet ride across the tongue. Anyone who is interested in being a fruitarian knows its a radical way of life, no kitchen and many social challenges. The cravings experienced for well known tastes which satisfied in the past as well as the social aspect make it one of the most difficult diets to follow, while the physical and mental wellbeing which is par for the course once there are enough to make it an ideal that a person will transform themselves in order to live by.
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Yes you will get all the vitamins and sugars you need + you will get the water and and minerals. But you would not get the protein or and other vitamins you will get in, poultry ,dairy, and grains + you will probably not get enough water an average human will get every day - which is 8 oz.

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While it is possible, it isn't exactly a healthy living, because you will not be able to receive sufficient nutrients from them, unless you eat A LOT. Besides, most fruits in stores are mostly water. They are engineered to grow fast and look good, while containing low nutritional value.

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There are fruitarians who eat a fruit diet which includes nuts for protein
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Fruitarianism is a nutrition system and a life style. The fruitarian diet consists of raw fruit and seeds only. It is a generally agreed principle that people need fruit in their diet, but it is also argued that a healthy diet can not consist only of fruit. According to the fruitarian principles, cooked food eating creates physical and emotional addiction to the person who eats it, weakens the immune system, makes people grow and look older and develops serious illnesses over time, it also makes societies to develop habits and economic structures that are pollutant to the environment destroying life and the life supporting mechanisms of our planet. The critics say that health risks associated with fruitarianism, are the same as risks associated with veganism. Commonly cited criticisms of fruitarianism include that this type of diet can cause serious nutritional deficiencies. Lack of Vitamin B12, unless they regularly use supplements can cause severe problems. Fruitarians (like all other vegans) will not get sufficient amounts of this nutrient and years of deficiency in vitamin B12 may lead to megaloblastic anaemia, macrocytic anaemia, serious neurological and mental damage, increased homocysteine (associated with heart disease and arterial deterioration), degeneration of the peripheral nervous system and spinal cord, paranoia, hyperactive reflexes, impotence and infertility. As with all vegans, fruitarians are at risk of serious, permanent bodily damage or death if they do not add B12 supplements or fortified foods to their diets.
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God commanded Adam in Genesis 2:16, before Eve came into existence, to freely eat of the fruit trees of the Garden of Eden. God did not even mention the herbs of the field, (grains, vegetables, or fruits from herbs), at this time. Only after Adam sinned did God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden of fruit trees so that he would be forced to now grow his own food - the herbs of the field with the intention that he would eventually grow old and weak and get sick and die! If Adam had obeyed God and eaten of the Tree of Life, which represented Adam and Eve staying in the Garden of Eden and eating tree fruit and living in perfect health for as long as God wanted them to live as physical human beings, then he would have eaten nothing but tree fruit. Why would he have to farm the land to grow herbs of the field when God already commanded him to just eat the fruit of the trees freely? God created tree fruit to be the perfect food for mankind that would allow him to live in perfect health and never die from any physical ailment. God the Creator knows what He's doing!!!!!

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