Can You Live On Fruit And Vegetables Alone?


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Yes you can ive solely on fruits and vegetables ! ? Read up on it and do research. You can also live off of the uices from veggies & fruits. I am doing it now. My skin is pretty, hair growing (shiny) and losing weight. Please gooogle information on it. Take care ♥
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Capital NO because all the foods that we are eating have their specific role that each of them are playing in our body system e.g carbohydrate supplying energy, protein repairer like cutting of nails water aids in digestion.
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"Water aids in digestion"???? You body is like 66% water. I think H2o does a little more than "aid in digestion." Also, there are many fruits with the same protien that your body needs, obvioulsy you may be lacking in some of the things your body would like to have, but to say that you couldnt live on it is completly wronge. You could probably live an average life span on fruits alone, not to mention vegetables. Hell, you would probably live longer than people eating the poisen we call food.

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