Is A Tomato A Fruit Or A Vegetable?


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Yes it is a fruit because it has seeds and all fruits have seeds
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Yes a tomato is a fruit.
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Loved by many all around the world and delicious when added to a favourite salad or a cheese sandwhich, tomatoes are often mistaken as a vegetable when, in actual fact, tomatoes really belong to the fruit family. To understand this, one must know that all fruits have seeds whereas vegetables do not have seeds. This would make not only tomatoes a fruit but pumpkins, squash and cucumbers too. With no seeds, lettuce, carrots, radishes, broccoli and cauliflower are, quite definitely a part of the vegetable family. With this being said, however, tomatoes are often referred to as a vegetable, especially when cooking is concerned. As a tomato is used, more often than not, when cooking savory dishes it falls into the vegetable category in many cook books. Most fruits are considered to be sweet where as most vegetables are savory in nature. Fruit or vegetable the tomato adds flavour to many dishes.
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Hi, i just had a big discussion with my housemate who thinks tomato is a fruit. After reading your article, I found he is right. But it's kind of werid that tomato or cucumbers are vegetable
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Glad that I could help!
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You why it is a fruit why you don't no you should watch drake and josh on one the tv says o tomato is a fruit
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Tomato is a fruit cause even the best scientist said it
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Botanically, a tomato is the ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant. Therefore it is a fruit or, more precisely, a berry.
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A tomato is a fruit and think about it most fruits are round like apples oranges tangerines pumpkins and tomatoes when veggies are more akward shaped
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Yes a tomato is a fruit because my friend wouldn't believe me, but we asked our science teacher and she said it was a fruit. I was like what now b***h!
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Tomato is a fruit... But everyone has neglected to mention it is a specific type of fruit. It is what is considered a "true berry"
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Fruits grow on trees and vegetables grow in the ground and a tomato grows in the ground not on a tree. (:

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