Is a pickle a fruit or vegetable?


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Cucumbers are a fruit (by the definition of what a  fruit is, people mistakenly call it a vegetable, along with pumpkin, peppers , peas, and squash). Pickles are from cucumbers. pickles are a fruit. 

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A cucumber is a fruit, as it grows from the flower, and contains the seeds. But it is used as a vegetable.

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Cucumber is fruit can be pickled

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Pickles are technically  a "Fruit of the vine" However,Because they are made from cucumbers,They are generally known as a vegetable.

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Normally, pickles come from the combination of salted cucumbers and some vegetables dipped in vinegar.

As cucumber is a fruit, pickles are fruit.

There are numerous ways to make cucumber pickles, namely, fermented, crock, quick process or freezer…

Pickles consist of mainly water with slightly over 94 percent of its content.

In fact, it is an extremely low calorie food as 100 grams provide only 11 kcal.

When it comes to pickles nutrition, it is important to mention carbs, proteins, sugars and dietary fiber.

In addition, pickles contain considerable amounts of different minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, iron or sodium…

Pickles are also full of vitamins, namely, A, B, C, D, E and K.

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