What Are The Different Vitamins And What Do They Do?


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Vitamins A: You will have a healthy eyes, example, eat more carrot
B: Good and healthy nervous system
D: Strong and healthy bone. Eg. Drink milk
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Vitamins are kind of nutrients that are required by the human body in order to keep it active. The vitamins make the body and mind strong. Vitamins are substances that are found in healthy foods such as vegetables, grains and fruits. Daily consumption of vitamins is very important otherwise the body becomes weak. By consuming vitamins we become more sharp and smart in life. You can also find vitamin pills or tablets available freely in your local pharmacy. A glass of milk is supposed to have a lot of vitamins and is an essential breakfast material. Consuming breakfast on a daily basis contains a lot of vitamins which is very good for the body. Vitamins also help in purifying the body by removing all the toxins.
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Just like with everything else, the health field and industry is evolving. A company Called Code Nutrition now sends custom vitamins based on your DNA. Seriously! You do an at-home cheek swab and send it in. They will be able to see what your body needs. So that is another idea if you are looking for vitamins. I believe their website is

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