What Are The Effects Of Vitamin Deficiency?


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The deficiency of different vitamins in a person's diet causes different diseases. The deficiency of vitamin A (retinol, found in butter, eggs, liver, vegetables and whole milk) causes dry skin and night blindness. The deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine, found in bran, cereals, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grain) causes loss of sensation, numbness, shooting pains in the limbs and tingling sensation. Excessive consumption or abuse of alcoholic beverages causes deficiency of vitamin B1. The deficiency of vitamin B2 (riboflavin, found in eggs, liver, milk and vegetables) causes cracked lips, dimness of vision and ulcers in the mouth. The deficiency of vitamin B3 (niacin or nicotinic acid, found in cereals, fish, meat, vegetables and whole grain) causes burning sensation on the tongue, diarrhoea, loss of weight, sores in the mouth, rough skin and weakness. The deficiency of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, found in bran, meat and vegetables) causes depression, dizziness, nausea and sores in the mouth. The deficiency of vitamin B12 (cynacobalamine, found in fish, meat and milk) causes numbness, shortness of breath, tingling in the extremities and weakness. The deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid, found in citrus fruits and fresh vegetables) causes bleeding, infected or swollen gums, bleeding and bruising of the skin. The deficiency of vitamin D (calciferol, found in egg yolks, fish and the sun's rays) causes bowed legs and spinal deformities. The deficiency of vitamin E (found in cereals, fruits, vegetables and whole grains) is uncommon. The deficiency of folic acid (found in liver, nuts, vegetables and whole wheat) causes numbness, tingling of fingers and toes, sore tongues, ulcers in the mouth and weakness. The deficiency of vitamin K (found in vegetables) causes bleeding. The deficiency of pantothenic acid (found in eggs, liver, potatoes and vegetables) causes fatigues, headaches and loss of concentration.

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