Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Impotence?


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My husband's impotence might have been caused because he had apnea real bad. He was not getting enough oxygen as he tried to sleep, plus the lack of oxygen in his blood caused his blood to thicken and he had a really high red blood cell many things could cause it. It's definitely worth getting checked by a doctor. My husband also had a very low testosterone level. They gave him testosterone shots every 2 weeks & that didn't help. I think everyone is different though. Get checked!
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I haven't heard about vitamin deficiency causing erectile dysfunction issues. It can cause due to smoking, drinking, other health issues etc. And many more things. In case of erectile dysfunction you can go for Generic Viagra medicine.

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Vitamin deficiency can cause impotence and other things as well

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Vitamin deficiency can cause anything. I had potassium deficiency and I was having an ongoing migraine that was paralyzing. So, I'm not sure if it can cause it, but vitamins have a lot to do with your body.

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