Can Vitamin K Foods Cause Any Side Effects Within The Body?


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The foods themselves will not actually give you any side effects (unless of course you are allergic to them). However, if you are getting too much Vitamin K into the body because of the foods which you are eating then there are a few side effects which you should be aware of.

The main problem which you could find is that Vitamin K can have a direct effect on anticoagulant medications. Basically these types of medications are used to thin the blood but Vitamin K can affect the way in which the medications work. If you do notice any changes with your medication then it is important to ensure that you talk to a doctor. They will be able to give you small dietary changes and that should really help. Overall Vitamin K does not really cause too many side effects and really it is hard to overdose on it anyway. So you should ideally experience no side effects from Vitamin K foods, but if you think they may be causing you a problem then try and cut down on them and see if that helps.

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