What Are The Main Nutrients Found In Rice And Alternatives?


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The main nutrients that can be found in rice are: Vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibre.  The source of carbohydrates in this type of food is considered a complex carbohydrate, which are an important source of energy, particularly in low-fat diets.  It has often been believed that carbohydrates are a source of fat and should be avoided. However, as the old say goes: "everything in moderation”. For a healthy and balanced diet, carbohydrates are essential, and the nutrients that are found in this food source are imperative to a healthy lifestyle.

Carbohydrates are essential to the body, through the consumption of this nutrient not only does it sustain your body for longer, but it also releases sugar slowly therefore giving you a slow release of energy. Obviously it does depend on the type of rice you eat; brown rice is far healthier for the body because it contains the right source of minerals that are important for the healthy functioning of the body.

Brown or whole-grain rice contains manganese, iron and selenium, whereas white rice contains no vitamins or minerals because during the harvesting process the grain of rice has been stripped of the bran and the germ, elements that brown rice is left with. It is the bran that is found in brown rice that is the main source of fibre. Fibre is particularly important to a balanced diet and serves a number of dietary functions. Foods that are high in fibre, help to maintain intestinal health, prevent cancer, fight obesity, and influence the probability of getting both heart disease and diabetes.

Though many prefer white rice because it cooks quicker and creates a fluffier consistency, the brown alternative is defiantly more beneficial to the body. Other alternative whole grain sources can be found in wholemeal bread and pasta.

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