Does White Bread Contain More Sugar Than Wheat Bread?


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Not only does it have more sugar, but white bread, along with potatoes, corn, carrots, white flour, cane sugar, and white rice, is a STARCH, which effectively converts into (more) sugar upon digestion. So even though a nutrition label might not reflect these foods as having sugar, eating starches is like eating lumps of sugars of equal sizes in the end. I lost 100 LBS simply by cutting these starches out of my diet.

The reason white bread has more sugar is because of the difference between white and wheat flour. Wheat flour is whole wheat germ while white flour is just the sugary, 'delicious' part of the wheat germ. Manufacturers effectively take out the fibery, wholesome part of whole wheat to make it white. What you are left with is MORE of the sugary part with LESS or NONE of the nutritious part to fill you up. You are esentially having to fill up on sugar when you eat white bread. More to your loss is the removed fiber, which would have been able to offset the damage done by the sugar and starch content. Of course it does depend on how refined the germ is. Some 'wheat' bread is just a tiny amout of 100% whole wheat blended with refined (white) flour. So the more refined flour your loaf has, the more sugary and starchy it will be.

In short, white bread DOES contain more sugar than wheat both ON the nutrition facts before digestion AND after the body digests it (effectively).
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It varies from bran to bran. The mos important question is what is a serving. How many grams? Besides that Yes it really does. IT actual contains more carbohydrates. AS you probably know carbs are metabolized much like sugar for all practical purposes. A person whom has diabetes must watch carbs as well as sugar as they too raise the blood sugar.
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Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, and is digested very fast. Complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly.
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I have been dieting for the past month and find that I 'crave' white bread, rolled up into hard balls sometimes as many as 8 pieces a day!  I have been eating that and not eating candy, drinking cokes and eating ice cream.  So from what I have read - I am still getting my sugar 'fix' from the white bread?  I knew something was very off with my craving this all the time!
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yes! it does a lot more~
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Tom McPherson answered total carbohydrates (which turn into sugar)...white bread has more.
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White bread contains more sugar than the wheat bread. Wheat bread is different in colour and taste. White bread is mostly and widely used whilst wheat bread is not known much and not used by many.

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