Is Brown Bread Better Than White Bread?


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White bread is basically white flour. Intake of white bread over a
period of time can cause obesity and digestive problems. Also white
bread is formed when the wheat is heated to such a point, that the germ
and the bran come off. The only thing left is the white starch which is
the undesirable part.

On the other hand, brown bread comprises whole grains that are rich in
anti-oxidants like iron, magnesium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E, selenium
etc. But the best part about brown bread is its rich fiber content
which works as a bowel stimulant and takes care of digestive problems
and constipation. Presence of fiber removes the risk of colon cancer,
breast cancer and also helps in lowering blood pressure. Since brown
bread has zero calories, it is very good for health and does not make
you fat.
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I've heard that brown bread is sweeter then white bread so, I guess if you like sweeter bread then give it a try...
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Calories in brown bread
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It's not better , it's healthier.
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I feed Birds on a regular basis and They often prefer Brown Bread over White Bread.
Birds would be the experts since They have been biting on bits much longer than People.

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