How Big A Turkey For 18 People?


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I worked on a poultry farm and we advised people that you should get a turkey that equals 1 lb. per person unless you want leftovers than get one larger so for 18 people with some leftovers 23-25 lbs should do fine!
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The turkey used for consumption at the time of festivals such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, is generally a domesticated turkey which is bred and raised specifically for consumption purposes. Turkey is freely found in supermarkets in many forms, such as sliced, ground and whole, the last of which is traditionally used in festival dinners. Whole frozen turkeys are available in a variety of sizes, however how much would be enough for a certain quantity of people would be difficult to say.

I would advise you ask to the assistant at the supermarket where you buy the turkey from to help you regarding this problem. Also, if a turkey is too small, the only option would be to buy more than one, as you can't go and shoot the one which is of the required size. So it basically depends on the availability of a big enough turkey.

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