How To Cook Tripe?


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The tripe is the stomach lining of beef. The stomach lining of pork and sheep can also be called as tripe. It is recommended to choose tripe with an off-white colour and store it for about a day in the fridge. You can eat tripe deep-fried in beer batter.

To prepare a tripe-dish, cut or slice pre-blanched tripe to the required size and boil it the beef stock for a good 10 or 20 minutes. Cool it in the stock for some time. When cooled, remove from the stock and dry it well it the kitchen paper. You can allow the trip to dry in the refrigerator. Once it is fully dry, you can deep fry it in beer batter. Stewing is the best form of cooking tripe.
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Tripe is good boiled and then when it's still warm put plenty of melted butter on it. You can eat it cold with lots of vinegar that's a traditional way in some parts of Britain.
You could add tripe to a pan of criply fried onions and warmit up. Tripe and onions is another well known tradtional dish.
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Boiled is preferred

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