How Long Does It Take To Cook Crabs?


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Cooking crab is a very complicated process, however, it is very little time consuming.

The cooking time for crabs vary according to the type and size of crab and also whether you want to have them overdone, underdone or cooked just right.

In all the cases the cooking time for crabs varies from 6 to 10 minutes, if you plan to boil live crabs. You would have to throw them in a pot of boiling water. Blue crabs take 6 minutes and Dungeness are ready in around 8 minutes.

Also, in most of the crabs, the shells turn red when the crabs are cooked so also lookout for this sign.

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It is best to stand by the stove while you are cooking crab as it does not take long for the crab to cook and over cooking can make it tasteless or the crabmeat too soft or gooey. Once the crab is in boiling water, it should be cooked until it turns completely red. You should make sure all the parts of the crabs outer shell has taken the same color.
Once red you should remove the crab from the container and place it one the kitchen platform. Next step is to clean and take the crab meat out, which will be used for preparing the course. Break the crab into two and remove the top shell and pick the white meat from the bottom and the edge of the shell.
White meat, as the name suggests, is only the white colour meat in the crab. The black stuff is the lung and it should not be eaten. Meat should also be removed from the claws by breaking them open. You might need something heavy to break open the clews.
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2 - 5 minutes
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It takes just few minutes 5 min. Or more
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It takes more time to cook,Once the crab is boiling,it should cooked until it turn completely red in col-our.its very tasty and healthy.

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