What Can I Do With Mincemeat?


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Of course, the main reason for buying or making mincemeat is to put it in mince pies. There are a number of variations, though. Some people prefer one big, flat mincemeat pie, which is then cut into squares; this is also less time-consuming than individual pies. Lattice mince pies are good too, with the top layer of pastry cut into thin criss-cross strips. This can done by hand, but looks rather lumpy unless you're very dextrous; a lattice pastry-cutter gives a neater look and is also handy for treacle tarts. Simplest of all, you can roll out a square of pastry, spread half of it with mincemeat, close up into a turnover and bake till golden.
Other uses for mincemeat include: a rich alternative to plain dried fruit as a fruitcake filling; mincemeat crumble; mixed fruit and mincemeat pie. As it keeps forever, a jar of leftover mincemeat is a handy thing to have throughout the year; a spoonful in an apple pudding, say, gives a lovely spicy, strudel-ish flavour. You can also use it to "plug" the hole in a cored apple before baking.

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